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The Effect of Light and Color on Human Physiology in Workplace

Essay The Effect of Light and Color on Human Physiology in workplace Safety working environment requires not only workplace with sufficient light, and also rational direction of the light, the lack of harsh shadows, causing glare. Proper lighting and painting equipment and hazards allows to watch them more closely (device painted in solid color), and the warning coloring hazards will reduce injuries.Besides selecting the right combination of colors and their intensity will minimize the time to adapt the eye when looking to the details on the work surface. Choosing the right color can affect the mood of the workers, and, therefore, the productivity of labor. Thus, the underestimation of the influence of light, the choice of color and light lead to premature fatigue of the body, the accumulation of errors, lower productivity, increased marriage and, as a consequence, to injuries.A disregard for the coverage due to the fact that the human eye has a very wide range of accessories: from 2 0 lux (full moon) to 100,000 lux. Color and light are interrelated. Coloring of equipment, materials and other to black oppresses workers. When carrying the standard boxes of black and white colors all workers declared that the black boxes heavier. Black thread on a white background can be seen at 2100 times better than white on black, there is a sharp contrast (brightness ratio).With the increase in brightness and lighting up to certain limits visual acuity and brightness increases, and eye can separate items, i. e. speed discrimination. Too bright light adversely affects the eyes, causing blindness and pain in the eyes. Incorrect choice of lighting affects not only the loss of working hours and fatigue of workers, but also increases the injury during the adaptation period when the worker does not see or difficulty seeing detail and performs work operations automatically.Similar conditions have been observed in assembly work in the evening under floodlights. Therefore the ratio of brightness (contrast substance) should not be large. Nowadays known that the red color stimulates, but quickly tires worker, green is useful to man. Natural light is the best for human health. Sunlight has a biological effect on the body, so natural light is hygienic. Replacement of artificial daylight is allowed only for some reason if you cannot use (or not use) natural light in jobs.

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Assignment 2-3 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

2-3 - Assignment Example This illustrates the separation. Though they cannot explain it to themselves they very well know there is something strange about the ring. While still in The Shire they encountered Ringwraiths. It scared them like hell but they continued the journey and decided to cut through the Old Forest. They stopped by the town of Bree where they met the Strider a man whose name truly is Aragorn. Aragorn protects them from the Ringwraiths who wreaked havoc in Bree. In their journey, with Ringwraiths in close pursuit Frodo, Samwise, and Aragorn becomes acquainted with the Council of Elrond. The learned council knows about Saruman, a wizard whom Sauron has corrupted, the apparent escape of Gollum from Mirkwood, and most importantly about the powerful ring inherited by Frodo. The Council recognizes that the threat is far too great and decides that the best course to take is destroying the ring. Frodo, as the keeper of the ring, volunteers to take the ring to the Cracks of Doom—the one place where the ring has been forged. This initiates Frodo to become a part of the Fellowship of the Ring; a group composed of nine so chosen to accompany Frodo in his invaluable task. Among the members of the Fellowship is of course is trusted friend Sam, cousins Merry and Pippin, the man they met at Bree named Aragorn, Gandalf the Grey, Gimli (who happens to be the son of Gloin, one of the dwarves that accompanied Bilbo Baggins on his quest), Legolas (an el f from the woodland realm of Mirkwood), and another man named Boromir from Gondor. The Fellowship endure numerous challenges including attacks by the Orcs while passing through the Mines of Moria, Gandalf falling through a deep chasm in his battle against Balrog, and Boromir yielding to the extensive powers of the Ring which lured him to take it away from Frodo. With this happening Frodo leaves the Fellowship, trotting the road to Mordor followed only by Samwise

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Homework Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 2

Homework - Research Paper Example focus on standardizing the models that they use in carrying out their businesses and dedicate the needs of the IT system leading to a better performance. The institution should also consider the major forces that affect its profitability and align the IT system with the most current business practices that in carries. The top management of the institution should channel its efforts on prioritizing for equal resource allocations, while on the other hand the I/C management puts its focus on making an IT system that works following the guidelines of the company’s top management. On the level of service, the focus should be placed on the basic needs of the target customers and the IT performance should be based on the doctors of Peachtree new system design that brings about reliability without squashing doctors independence (Too far ahead of the curve? 2007). Again, the institution can use a service level alignment to ensure that all their external and internal domains align, maintain the quality of the care that they provide, their greatest assets and all the doctors to receive and play a part in the implementation process. To retain the doctors flexibility in decision-making, there should be an introduction of an IT system that is in a position to allow for surgical standardization. The institution should provide a user-friendly system for doctors by placing its focus on extreme system simplicity while at the same time maintaining the care quality for their businesses. Using pre-built SOA modules when possible and at the same time, basing all the modules will improve the communication and the interface between the doctors and the management in each module (‘too far ahead of the curve? 2007). Peachtree can also focus on purchasing custom- built services and channel its energies on those modules that pertain only to their business. As per this reason, it is imperative to come up with the strategic partnership to implement, operate and update a standardized

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English Language Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

English Language - Essay Example The work has a great implication on the lives of many people. The narration of the death of Mandela was accompanied with numerous statins of his achievement and his requirement to all people. Every person or institution wanting to live the legacy left by Mandela would be moved by the text since it reminds each and every person of the importance of being willing to sacrifice for the sake of the world. The author realises this fact and puts into perspective the most influential events in the life of Nelson Mandela. The main purpose of the text was creating an editorial that would reflect the actual life and times of Nelson Mandela. Additionally, the author seeks to enlighten the reader of the steps undertaken by Mandela to become one the global recognised leaders for their efforts to bring peace and save humanity. The text has no limitation on the suitable audience since its representation and content are appropriate for very person interested in understanding why Nelson Mandela was held with high regard. However, in highlighting his objective, the author uses the responses of leaders and other people in the society on Nelson Mandela. The article starts by the author explaining the mood that was expected at the funeral. They then mention the significance of the burial of Nelson Mandela3. The text assesses the audience present at the funeral, the mood of the actual day of the funeraland the days before the funeral. The author is quick to confirm that international leaders led by the US President, Barack Obama, were presented at the send-off ceremony and delivered moving speeches on how exceptional Mandela was4. The text also analyses the general feeling of the people of South Africa on their perception Mandela. The text then diverts from the funeral to the life and times of the Nelson Mandela. Significant events such as the

Election Program Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Election Program - Case Study Example Any good candidate would. However Edwards is "is running for president to build One America" ( and with an issued that is so likely to divide American, I think it would be a tough issue for him to decide one. And rightly so. The problems in American are huge. Especially with the buyer of the airport being from the Middle East, the situation becomes even more complex. There are still many Americans today who hold out racial hatred against any people from that region, and I can see already the protests coming from such people about selling over the airport to them. Especially sense the American concern for air security is already so high; I think many problems would come from the selling of the airport. However, the poll numbers show that 59 percent of people support the idea, and Edwards is a man of the people after all. In theory, it would be best for Edwards to support the idea on the campaign trail. This could work in his favor, as it would bring 59 percent of the public opinion under his belt, and it would work great for his every man image, and his idea of standing up to the old corrupt government as a person of the people. On Edward's own site is a quote about his ideas for the power of public government: ""With his One Democracy Initiative, Edwards has demonstrated that he will take on the dominance of corporate lobbyists to be the leader of something we lack today in Washington: a powerful 'lobby for the public good.' His vision for government reform, like many other issues, is charting a way to reclaim the soul and values of our party and of the country" (, and his support of this plan would only straighten this platform of his. Problems further arise with the issue of this plan getting through the House and the Senate. If Edwards supports the plan and upsets his own party to much, he could loose the nomination. If he upsets the other side to much, he could find it very difficult to work with the House and the Senate if and when he becomes President. However, it would look really good to all the people of American if Edwards stood up to the House and the Senate on the platform that a majority of people support this bill, and that he did as well, further rallying his cause as a president for the people. Running for President, Edward also had to keep in mind the other half of Americans that don't support the idea as well. Maybe it wouldn't be the best bet for Edwards to come out and publicly support this idea, as it could cost him almost 50 percent of the popular vote on the election. And in a crucial election like this, every and any vote counts, and losing that much popular opinion might not work in his favor. It would be a tough decision for anyone to make, however I believe it would be in Edwards best interest to support the popular opinion and support the plan. This way, he can further build upon his platform as a people's man, and can also stand up to the government, which would really rally the people to his cause. It might upset some people on the other side however, and that is to be taken into consideration, but I feel that it would do more positive for his Presidential campaign that it would do to hurt it. It

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Classroom Game Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Classroom Game Plan - Essay Example Good classroom procedures can also be good housekeeping routines. Hand signals can be visual or audio. For example, raising the left hand or placing the index finger of the right hand in front of closed lips to signal the students to keep quiet. Classroom organization refers to the arrangement of furniture and materials. For instance, in a class of fifty learners, arranging the furniture in three straight columns is ideal so that the teacher can easily spot all the students. Marzano, Marzano and Pickering (2003) further say that consequences are measures used to show a student that a certain behavior is unacceptable. Behavior like noise making can be reinforced in several ways. Writing the learner’s name on board the first time the crime is committed shows the learner that the teacher has noticed the behavior. If the behaviour persists, the learner can be asked to go out of class for a few minutes. A teacher’s physical appearance is also crucial. There is a need to dress decently and appropriately, have neat hair, standing straight when addressing the students and maintaining eye contact with them. Marzano, R. J., Marzano, J. S., & Pickering, D. (2003). Classroom management that works: Research-based strategies for every teacher. Alexandria, VA: Association for Supervision and Curriculum

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Research proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Research Proposal Example Gulf areas in general, and Saudi Arabia in particular, are oil rich regions with the economy being driven by the large oil producing organizations. The required financial support for the SMEs, in order to strengthen their capability to further contribute towards the progress of Saudi Arabia’s economy, is however somewhat lacking. This is despite the fact that SMEs have evidently exhibited great developmental potential. The current research aims to determine the role that SMEs play in the development of Saudi Arabia; as well as to identify any governmental and other business organizations’ support provided towards sustaining continued operations and growth of SMEs in the region. This paper be presented with a brief overview of studies and researches previously conducted on the subject through a literature review of SMEs, in general; the financial support of the government for SMEs in Saudi Arabia; and the role that SMEs play towards the development of the country. The ne xt section would focus on the research questions and methodology, which would identify the required method which would achieve responding to the main concerns identified within the discourse. Likewise, any limitation to the study would be presented; prior to delving into the ethical considerations, as required. Finally, the time scales which detail the tasks and time frames for the specific research portions would be detailed in the last section. 2.0 Literature Review There have been several studies conducted on the subject that aimed to determine the role of SMEs, in general; and SMEs within the Saudi Arabia region. Their definitions would be explored, including financial support and development role in the economy of Saudi Arabia. 2.1 Small and Medium Enterprises Though SMEs exist all over the world and in large numbers, there is still no concrete definition for SMEs due to various practical reasons. Fu (2011) suggested that defining SMEs differs from country to country and are ba sed upon different variables such as number of employees, revenue, nature of trade etc. (Fu, 2011). Normally, the number of employees for SMEs are defined at less than or equal to fifty for relatively small organizations whereas for medium organizations, the upper limit of number of employees is normally between 100 to 250 (Capitas, 2013). Thus, SMEs were clearly classified according to the number of employees, as well as the amount of sales revenues generated within a stipulated time frame. Within Saudi Arabia, various organizations define SMEs according to different criteria and are followed by different organizations. There are two important criteria used in defining SMEs within Saudi Arabia. One criteria followed by the SME Development Center is to have less than or equal to 20 employees for small organizations and 21-100 employees for medium organizations. However, Shalaby (2004) concentrated on suggesting that different criterion is being followed by Saudi Industrial Developme nt Fun, and it defines SMEs based upon the revenue criteria